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Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.
13 with a dream.
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♥ The package shipping took exactly 21 business days to come from Malaysia to Canada. Everything was extra bubble wrapped to prevent…

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This review is sponsored by solution-lens.com~

♥ So the shipping took exactly 3 weeks to come from Taiwan to Canada, and the the vile packaging itself was pretty cute :)

♥ And these are the close ups of the lenses on my eyes (excuse my terrible skin LOL)

  • Diameter 15.0 mm
  • Water…

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{sponsored} Hello my lovely readers, if you are looking to buy circle lenses for beautiful dolly eyes, I recommend Uniqso.com! They have a vast variety of brands and colours not to mention amazing deals, feel free to ask me any questions here on tumblr or my twitter!

Some info for…

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I’m so sorry I’ve been gone for 5 months. I’ve gained different interests and have moved on from being obsessed with tumblr. I still do have a blog which I update frequently and might suit my followers themes.